• Are you sick of being sick and tired?
  • Do you want real answers to your health
    in real time?
  • Are you tired of spending money on programs that don’t work?
  • Do you want answers regarding your
    health that your blood test can’t tell
  • Are you tired of guessing about your health, diet, and supplement requirements, and want to know for sure?
  • The fundamentals of RBTI – the most
    powerful and affordable analytical tool for
    experiencing perfect health.
  • Understand your body chemistry, mineral and
    vitamin deficiencies, and other requirements
    with this simple, yet powerful, urine and saliva
  • Understand the proper relationship of mental
    and spiritual aspects of health relating to body
    chemistry and much much more!

A 10-Module Online RBTIOM Certification Training Zoom Program for Practical Application, Personal and Professional Empowerment

MODULE 1 – INTRODUCTION Intro and brief history of RBTI. The analysis explained with basic concepts and principles, testing tools, recording sheets, charts, and lists.

MODULE 2 – CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydrate presentation, importance of carbohydrates, Hydration Fact Sheet, No-No foods list, and Refractive Index of Fruits and Vegetables.

MODULE 3 – SALTS/CONDUCTIVITY Conductivity and Salts presentation and handouts, Stress & Movement Fact Sheets.

MODULE 4 – UNDERSTANDING pH Understanding pH presentation and handouts. Basic rules of pH, and Calcium Fact Sheet.
MODULE 5 – CELL DEBRIS AND UREAS Cell Debris / Ureas presentation, Rhythm & Routine Fact Sheet, Top 10 Analysis Factors for each number.

MODULES 6 & 7 – FOODS/SUPPLEMENTS Foods & Supplements presentations and handouts, Mineral & Vitamin Loss chart.

MODULE 8 – USING BE APP SOFTWARE BE APP presentation, BE APP Software Guide, complementary use of software for 6 weeks.

MODULE 9 – COURSE REVIEW, FINAL TEST Overview/Summary presentation, continue using BE APP software, Final test.

MODULE 10 – TEST AND GRADUATION Final test review, Graduation, RBTIOM Alumni Facebook private membership.

RBTI Training

10 modules of training developed by our teachers who have over 25,000 hours of RBTI experience.

Online Learning

Attend a two hour Zoom training class each week for ten weeks.


Reinforce RBTI concepts by completing readings, assignments, and tests.


Upon successful completion of all assignments and tests, you will receive a course certificate
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