Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine

Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine

The IIOM Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine (DNOM) degree program is designed to be one of the most diversified programs available in the field of natural healing in the 21st century. We provide these offerings in a dynamic, relevant, and efficient educational delivery system designed to meet the diversified needs of our valued, self-directed, and mature students.
The student will be equipped and empowered with Biblically-based natural health information with clear, comprehensive, and practical health information in an easy-to-absorb and efficient format that will meet a broad range of personal and professional health goals.
The IIOM Admissions Committee will decide if credits transferred from another school meet the requirements of IIOM or if there are additional IIOM Bachelor-level or Master-level courses that need to be taken before beginning the Doctoral-level courses.
A total of 62 core requirement credits form the foundational basis of the IIOM doctoral program, and the student must choose a minimum of 28 elective credits for a total of 90 credits. This allows our valued students to personalize their curriculum to meet a wide range of personal and professional endeavors. The following are the required and elective courses from our comprehensive curriculum of original medicine, nutrition and diet, herbal, alternative medicine, business and health assessment, and conventional medicine courses.

Credit/Hours to Complete: 90 Credits or 1350 Hours

Full Price: $8,000.00
Installment Price: $8,800.00
Monthly Installment Price: $350.00*
Number of Installments: 24
Down payment: $400.00

*Monthly payments are consecutive and are to be made by the 15th of each month.

Required Courses

IIOM 01 Concepts of Original Medicine 1/15
IIOM 02 Counsels on Diet and Foods 3/45
IIOM 04 Home Remedies and Hydrotherapy 3/45
IIOM 08 Mind, Character and Personality 2/30
IIOM 10 Basic Principles of Total Health and The Hierarchy of Nutrients 2/30
IIOM 11 Scientific Basis for Nutrition 3/45
IIOM 12 Detoxification and Cleansing Diets 2/30
IIOM 18 Enzymes 2/30
IIOM 19 Corrective Nutrition 4/60
IIOM 23 Diet and Health 3/45
IIOM 31 Medicinal Use of Herbs 2/30
IIOM 32 The Green Pharmacy 2/30
IIOM 50 Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws 3/45
IIOM 53 Whole - Body Dentistry 2/30
IIOM 56 Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Professionals 2/30
IIOM 59 The Ultimate Answer to Health & Vitality 3/45
IIOM 60 Introduction to Medical Language 1/15
IIOM 61 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 1 1/15
IIOM 64 Disease Processes and Conventional Medicine, Part 1 3/45
IIOM 70 Conventional Drugs and Medicines 3/45
IIOM 91 Doctoral Dissertation 15/225
Total Core Credits/Hours 62/930

Elective Courses

IIOM 03 Ministry of Health and Healing 3/45
IIOM 07 Counsels on Health 3/45
IIOM 09 Healthful Living 2/30
IIOM 13 Health and Wellness 2/30
IIOM 14 Orthomolecular Nutrition 2/30
IIOM 17 Chemistry of Man 5/75
IIOM 21 Your Health - Your Choice 1/15
IIOM 22 Nutrition for Children 3/45
IIOM 24 Digestive Wellness 2/30
IIOM 33 Practical Applications in the Use of Herbs 3/45
IIOM 34 Advanced Treatise in Herbology 4/75
IIOM 35 Adaptagens 2/30
IIOM 36 Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine 3/45
IIOM 38 Chemistry of Essential Oils 3/45
IIOM 40 Acupressure 1/15
IIOM 41 Elements of Massage Therapy 3/45
IIOM 42 Introduction to Reflexology 1/15
IIOM 43 Depression: The Natural Way Out 2/30
IIOM 44 Introduction to Homeopathy 2/30
IIOM 45 The Body Electric 2/30
IIOM 47 Introduction to Iridology 1/15
IIOM 48 Introduction to Sclerology 1/15
IIOM 51 Health Assessment with Biological Ionization 2/30
IIOM 52 Dried Blood Cell Analysis 2/30
IIOM 54 The Mathematical Formula for Perfect Health 1/15
IIOM 57 Naturopathy for the 21st Century 2/30
IIOM 58 Fundamentals of Starting a Business 2/30
IIOM 62 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 2 1/15
IIOM 63 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 3 1/15
IIOM 65 Disease Processes/Conventional Medicine, Part 2 3/45
IIOM 66 Disease Processes/Conventional Medicine, Part 3 3/45
IIOM 68 Introduction to Psychiatry 1/15
IIOM 69 Introduction to Oncology 1/15
IIOM 75 Medical Missionary Manual 2/30
Total available Elective Credits/Hours 73/1095
Personalized DNOM Curriculum 90/1350

Please see course description section, and feel free to contact us for help in completing your personalized Doctoral curriculum. All applicable coursework/credit hours completed during this program are transferable to the Master of Science in Original Medicine and/or the Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine degree programs.


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