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After over 20 years of successfully delivering natural health education and providing individuals with the most powerful health system known to man, IIOM is committed to impacting lives in an even more powerful way.

We are excited to share this exciting next phase of our journey with you.

After consulting with our students, graduates and health professionals, we have listened to the feedback and we are looking to provide a more complete health enablement solution.

Building on the immense success of the IIOM distance learning curriculum, we are now looking to expand into our own physical location. Many of our valued students and graduates have long been requesting a dedicated premise and we are now actively making plans to open a Wellness Center in North America.

The location, open to all, will include classroom space, residential and in-office health consultations, practical teaching space with the most up to date technology for original medicine internships and practicums. It will be available to learners and those seeking health empowerment from all over the worldIt will also provide the opportunity to practically demonstrate these time-honored original medicine principles that we are recognized for around the world.

In order to turn this plan into reality, we need the continued support from our IIOM friends, family and community to help see the project realised.

We will be launching a fundraising campaign in the coming weeks as well as releasing exciting new types of content that will give you an appreciation for our existing expertise.  It will also give you a taste of the knowledge that will be enhanced with the opening of the newly dedicated IIOM health facility.

We firmly believe that health holds the key to unlocking a positive and vibrant lifestyle. A dedicated facility with health and wellness programs and a practical hands-on training center, will allow us to support more individuals in unlocking their ideal lifestyle and humbly serve a world that is searching for a more natural and holistic approach to health.

Expect to see more regular updates from us as we move towards this ambitious new phase of IIOM. 

For now, if you would like to help us make the IIOM Health facility a reality, you can donate securely below.

Looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!
Drs. Jim & Elisa Sharps


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