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Certified Medical Missionary (CMM)

This Certificate Program covers several fields of interest to serious medical missionaries: concepts of original medicine, the purpose of health reform, nutrition, the original diet, simple home remedies, hydrotherapy, and other topics that form a Biblical perspective on health and wellness, making a complete program.

Certified Herbalist in Original Medicine(CHOM)

This Certificate Program, covering the field of herbology, presents a comprehensive, broad spectrum of topics on herbs, including terminology and definitions, types and properties of herbs, collection and storage of herbs, uses of herbs, as well as health conditions and their corresponding herbal remedies.

Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC)

This Certificate Program covers the field of nutrition and diet. Conventional nutrition and the deficiencies of the standard American diet are compared to the benefits of naturopathic nutrition and the original diet. Students also learn how to effectively facilitate healthy lifestyle changes in diet for themselves as well as for others.


This Certificate program will cover Understanding what health is and what it means using urine and saliva and the proper relationship of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of health relating to body chemistry. Students will learn how to bring the numbers back towards perfect using original medicine principles and the RBTI analysis tool.
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