Bachelor of Science in Original Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Original Medicine

The IIOM Bachelor of Science in Original Medicine (BSOM) covers the last 2 years in which college students normally concentrate on their major area of study. We prefer that students entering this degree program already have an Associate’s Degree to assure a general fund of knowledge. However, we welcome students with other types of relevant experiences and training as we do recognize the value of life experience and the general fund of knowledge gained in the workplace or in managing a home and family. All students must be able to use a computer to create documents and communicate via e-mail. Building on a previous college degree or life experience, this degree program then focuses on what would be the junior-level and senior-level courses with a major in Original Medicine.

Credit/Hours to Complete: 45 Credits or 675 Hours

Full Price: $3,400.00
Installment Price: $3,650.00
Monthly Installment Price: $225.00
Number of Installments: 15
Down payment: $275.00

Required Courses

Required BSOM
Credits / Hrs
IIOM 01 Concepts of Original Medicine 1/15
IIOM 02 Counsels on Diet and Foods 3/45
IIOM 03 Ministry of Health and Healing 3/45
IIOM 04 Home Remedies and Hydrotherapy 3/45
IIOM 10 Basic Principles of Total Health and the Hierarchy of Nutrients 2/30
IIOM 11 Scientific Basis for Nutrition 3/45
IIOM 13 Health and Wellness 2/30
IIOM 15 Current Events in Nutrition and Diet 3/45
IIOM 16 Facilitating Dietary Changes 1/15
IIOM 18 Enzymes 2/30
IIOM 21 Your Health - Your Choice 1/15
IIOM 30 Herbs of the Bible 2/30
IIOM 46 Defeating Cancer Naturally 1/15
IIOM 55 Becoming an Active Thinker 1/15
IIOM 60 Introduction to Medical Language 1/15
IIOM 61 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 1 1/45
IIOM 64 Disease Processes and Conventional Medicine, Part 1 3/45
IIOM 76 The Divine Prescription for Health and Healing 3/45
IIOM 89 Case Study or Project
Core Credits

Elective Courses

IIOM 05 A Biblical Perspective on Hygiene 1/15
IIOM 06 Drugs, Herbs, & Natural Remedies 1/15
IIOM 07 Counsels on Health 3/45
IIOM 40 Acupressure 1/15
IIOM 41 Elements of Massage Therapy 3/45
IIOM 42 Introduction to Reflexology 1/15
IIOM 43 Depression: The Natural Way Out 2/30
IIOM 68 Introduction to Psychiatry 1/15
IIOM 69 Introduction to Oncology 1/15
Total Elective Credits / Hours 18/270
Personalized BSOM Curriculum 45/675

Please see course description section, and feel free to contact us for help in completing your personalized Bachelors curriculum. All applicable coursework/credit hours completed during this program are transferable to the Master of Science in Original Medicine and/or the Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine degree programs.


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