Health @ Heart

What Is Health @ Heart?

An online community dedicated to naturally better health!

Why Health @ Heart?

In today’s internet age, accessing information has become extremely convenient. However, what has become more difficult is to know what information you can trust.

With an accredited naturopathic school and over 50 years of experience as naturopathic practitioners, Dr’s Jim & Elisa Sharps wanted to build a platform that individuals searching for answers in natural medicine could trust.

Who Is Health @ Heart For?

The guiding principle behind Health @ Heart is outrageous health should be accessible for everyone.

If you are suffering from poor health, Health @ Heart is for you!

If you feel you have a good lifestyle and want to enhance your health, Health @ Heart is for you!

What We Provide

We believe in excellence!


We equip you with knowledge you can trust and an understanding of how to implement it in our life with powerful results


We connect you with individuals passionate about natural health and practitioners from around the world all willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Individual Advice

Through the platform you are able to directly access Dr Jim Sharps, a globally renowned health practitioner from your own home.
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