About Us

Our Story

It started with a passion.

Drs. Jim and Elisa Sharps have had a personal dedication to helping and educating individuals. Beginning with Integrated Health Services we sustained the vision of better health through healthful living and providing personalized health consultation and seminars to both small and large audiences. With the desire to help others do the same, we developed a Christian distance learning institute of higher learning to accomplish this goal. IIOM has been evolving since 2004 and is continuing to expand its way to bringing natural health education and services to the world at large.

Our Values

We are here for you every step

IIOM is committed to equipping and qualifying as many individuals as possible with the knowledge and expertise to enjoy outrageous health naturally. Empowerment of the students we teach and the individuals we help are a foundational principle at the school.

Our Commitment

The combination of passion and commitment

We endeavour to equip and qualify individuals with a commitment to excellence that we believe sets us apart. Our curriculum, focus on service and a genuine desire to positively impact lives reflect this. When you choose to study with IIOM, you join our family, and we are committed to empowering our growing family!

What We Provide

We believe in excellence!

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