Certified Herbalist in Original Medicine

Certified Herbalist in Original Medicine

This Certificate Program covers the field of herbology and presents a comprehensive, broad spectrum of topics on herbs, including terminology and definitions, types and properties of herbs, collection and storage of herbs, uses of herbs, and health conditions and their corresponding herbal remedies. Students learn the basic concepts of original medicine, as well as naturopathic nutrition and the original diet. Students also learn how to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes in the diet for themselves and others by using herbs.

Credit/Hours to Complete: 22 Credits/270 Hours

Full Price: $1,650.00
Installment Price: $1,800.00
Monthly Installment Price: $200.00
Number of Installments: 8
Down payment: $200.00

Required Courses

IIOM 01 Concepts of Original Medicine 1/15
IIOM 10 Basic Principles of Total Health and the Hierarchy of Nutrients 2/30
IIOM 31 Medicinal Use of Herbs 2/30
IIOM 32 The Green Pharmacy 2/30
IIOM 34 Advanced Treatise in Herbology 3/45
IIOM 36 Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine 3/45
IIOM 54 Choose Life or Death 1/15
IIOM 81 Case Study or Project (CHOM) 2/30
Total Core Credits/Hours 16/240
Remaining Core Credits/Hours 16/240

Elective Courses

IIOM 21 Your Health - Your Choice 1/15
IIOM 30 Herbs of the Bible 2/30
IIOM 33 Practical Application in the Use of Herbs 3/45
IIOM 35 Adaptogens 2/30
IIOM 38 Chemistry of Essential Oils 3/45
IIOM 76 The Divine Prescription of Health and Healing 3/45
Total Elective Credits/Hours 14/210
Remaining required Credits/Hours 6/90

Please see course description section, and feel free to contact us for help in completing your personalized Certified Herbalist curriculum. All applicable coursework/credit hours completed during this program are transferable to the Master of Science in Original Medicine and/or the Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine degree programs.

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