Certified Medical Missionary In Original Medicine

Certified Medical Missionary In Original Medicine (CMM)

This Certificate Program covers several fields of particular interest to medical missionaries: concepts of original medicine, the purpose of health reform, nutrition, the original diet, simple home remedies, hydrotherapy, and other important topics that form a comprehensive Biblical perspective on health and wellness.

Credit/Hours to Complete: 30 Credits/450 Hours

Full Price: $2,250.00

Installment Price: $2,475.00
Monthly Installment Price: $225.00*
Number of Installments: 10
Down payment: $225.00

*Monthly payments are consecutive and are to be made by the 15th of each month.

IIOM 01 Concepts of Original Medicine 1/15
IIOM 02 Counsels on Diets and Foods 3/45
IIOM 03 Ministry of Health and Healing 3/45
IIOM 04 Home Remedies and Hydrotherapy 3/45
IIOM 07 Counsels on Health 3/45
IIOM 10 Basic Principles of Total Health and the Hierarchy of Nutrients 2/30
IIOM 11 Scientific Basis for Nutrition 3/45
IIOM 61 Anatomy and Physiology, Part 1 1/15
IIOM 64 Disease Processes and Conventional Medicine, Part 1 3/45
IIOM 75 The Medical Missionary Manual 2/30
IIOM 82 Case Study or Project (CMM) 2/30
Total Core Credits/Hours 26/390
IIOM 05 A Biblical Perspective on Hygiene 1/15
IIOM 06 Drugs, Herbs, & Natural Remedies 1/15
IIOM 08 Mind, Character and Personality 2/30
IIOM 09 Healthful Living 2/30
IIOM 30 Herbs of the Bible 2/30
IIOM 32 The Green Pharmacy 2/45
IIOM 76 The Divine Prescription for Health and Healing 3/45
Total Elective Credits/Hours   14/210

Please see course description section, and feel free to contact us for help in completing your personalized Certified Medical Missionary curriculum. All applicable coursework/credit hours completed during this program are transferable to the Master of Science in Original Medicine and/or the Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine degree program.

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