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This scholarship program at IIOM is designed to help students of IIOM who require financial assistance to attend the school, have a real desire to learn and work in the field of natural healing and are committed to giving back to IIOM. Applicants must meet 10 of the 14 requirements to be able to apply and to be considered for a scholarship by the enrollment committee. Applicants must have already completed the application form to IIOM. For more information on this scholarship program, please email

Scholarship Requirements:

1. Applicants must complete entire scholarship form and send transcripts and resume to IIOM after the application has been received.

2. Applicants must submit a 2 page essay explaining why they should be awarded a scholarship to pursue studies at IIOM.

3. Applicants must allow up to two weeks to be notified of acceptance of the completed scholarship form and the decision made by the enrollment committee.

4. Recipients must maintain at least a grade B to continue to receive scholarship assistance.

5. Applicants must intend to graduate.

6. Applicants should have good character and integrity. References will be requested and should be submitted within two weeks of request. Good standing referrals must be received before final decisions are made during this process.

7. Applicants must be in financial need and must also submit proof of household income, annual salary, and expenses. The document should be sent to IIOM with the scholarship essay. Applicants must be ready to show proof of financial hardship if requested. For example, documents such as bank statements may be requested.

8. Applicants who have done missionary medical work or are interested in missionary medical work will be given preference to the scholarship funds.

9. Applicants who have given special contributions to the natural health field will also be given preference to the scholarship fund.

10. Applicants involved in or interested in special projects such as developing new course material, podcasts, or demos will be given preference to the scholarship fund.

11. Scholarship grant will be at the discretion of IIOM enrollment committee and advisory board members. Full or partial scholarships may be awarded.

12. In consideration of scholarship from IIOM, recipients should be prepared to provide a contribution in the form of a project, program, activity or equivalent. For example, a podcast or YouTube video on therapies. Recipients are expected to show appreciation to IIOM for being awarded a scholarship by giving back in terms of their time or financial donations if able.

13. If an applicant was declined in one year and continues to suffer financial hardship while attending IIOM classes for a full year, also paid in full, the applicant may submit another scholarship form to be considered again.

14. Recipients agree to have their name and /or picture used on IIOM material or advertising medias to promote the scholarship fund at IIOM, the school IIOM, and to encourage donations to the scholarship fund.


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