IIOM is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with the newly established African Academy of Original Medicine.

The vision of the partnership is to equip and qualify individuals with the highest quality of learning to be effective medical missionaries within South Africa and beyond. AAOM was established by an IIOM graduate Dr. Vusie Mema, director of Arise & Shine Lifestyle center in South Africa. The partnership brings the IIOM Certified Medical Missionary (CMM) certificate to South Africa which will be delivered in partnership with AAOM. The program will combine the IIOM curriculum contextualized to the needs within South Africa by AAOM.

How is the Program Structured?

The CMM program is designed to be completed in 12 months. All learning is delivered online through the IIOM eCampus, with learning support by AAOM as required. The curriculum is divided into 3 study blocks with students able to learn within those blocks at their own pace.

Block 1

  • IIOM 01- Concepts of Original Medicine
  • IIOM 02- Counsels on
    Diets and Foods
  • IIOM 32- The Green Pharmacy

Block 2

  • IIOM 03- Ministry of Health and Healing
  • IIOM 04- Home Remedies and Hydrotherapy
  • IIOM 10- Basic Principles of Total Health and the Hierarchy of Nutrients

Block 3

  • IIOM 07- Counsels on Health
  • IIOM 11- Scientific Basis for Nutrition
  • IIOM 61- Anatomy and
    Physiology, Part 1

Block 4

  • IIOM 06- Drugs, Herbs, & Natural Remedies
  • IIOM 64- Disease Processes and Conventional Medicine, Part 1
  • IIOM 75- The Medical Missionary Manual
  • IIOM 82  Case Study

How much does the program cost?

The total tuition fees for the 12 month program are R37,000. In collaboration with AAOM we have created a unique payment plan for all students enrolled through AAOM to ensure the program is accessible and manageable for students.

Successful applicants will be required to pay initial fees of R5,000 followed by 10 monthly payments or R3,200.

A non-refundable application fee of R350 will be due upon submission of an application.